CREON Energy has all the necessary information resources to provide a wide range of exclusive advisory & consultancy services.

In Russia, we maintain and operate the most comprehensive databases on Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Plastics and related industries as well as individual companies. The databases are regularly reviewed and updated with information from various official sources with accordance of national and international laws.

In the last decades, we achieved a unique access to reliable information sources and handle data bases on feasibility studies of national & international engineering and production companies’ projects, global and Russian economy forecasts as well as on our own research and analysis.

CREON Energy database sources include official statistics of the Russian Federation governmental bodies: the Russian Federal State Statistics Service (the former Goscomstat), the Federal Customs Service (formerly State Customs Committee), the ministry of natural resources & ecology, the ministry of energy, the Ministry of Transport; information and analytical data of domestic and locally based international firms –CDU-TEK , Kortes, PCI and many others; locally specialized agencies, this has proven to be as-by far-a more reliable sources than all major international firms. This is our alternative & unique Know-how for our home land Russia.

Moreover, we make a wide use of exclusive- costume conducted- field studies (telephone and direct interviews with market players, etc.) with our own original methods, which helps us obtain valuable additional information to verify the official data and better understand the situation in the oil & gas, petrochemicals, and plastics industries.

CREON Energy has all the necessary IT, software (CRM) and methodological resources. In the financial analysis CREON Energy uses unique mathematical model approaches. In working out EPC, investment projects , expansion, new or development strategies we apply all types of methods and software systems used by leading Russian and international companies. The methods and tools are accepted by domestic and foreign financial institutions and international organizations.

CREON Energy also makes a wide use of its own original methods for new product position & pricing forecasts, volumes & market capacity studies, EPC-project assessment, etc.