Russian Gas Market. Commodity Exchange and Trade

May 27, 2016

«Кempinski Мoika 22» Saint Petersburg

Dear Colleagues!

CREON Energy has the pleasure of inviting you to the International «Russian Gas Market. Commodity Exchange and Trade» Conference

Domestic gas market in Russia is now being re-shaped. The industry strongly needed a transformation that would bring it to a qualitatively new phase of development. The changes are affecting almost all spheres: pricing, transportation, consumer’s access to the product, interaction patterns between sellers and buyers. This has become particularly important now in the light of independent producers’ actively increasing their market shares and starting to consider export.

One of the mechanisms of market transformation and establishment of fair pricing is trading through commodity exchange. Such trading is being implemented in the framework of the Energy Strategy of Russia for the period up to 2020 and is aimed to provide transparent and non-discriminatory access for all market participants to the gas transportation infrastructure. Deliverable gas trading started at St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX) in October 2014. More than a year of regular trading gave Gazprom, the main gas producer, an opportunity to sell 17.5 billion cubic meters of gas at non-regulated price. The similar volume can be supplied by independent gas producers, so that the annual trading may reach 35 billion cubic meters, or about 10% of gas sold inside Russia.

Gas trading volumes at Russian commodity exchange are much lower than in the West, primarily because contracts are concluded for domestic supplies only. But not only trading volumes are important now, - the opportunity to solve long-lasting market problems is no less significant. After all, the commodity exchange and trade can serve as an effective tool for improving gas supply systems in Russia: by assisting independent producers to formalize relations with Gazprom regarding liberalization of access to Gas Transportation System (GTS) and overcome disputes with the monopolist; by establishing reliable price quotations that reflect the real balance of supply and demand; by improving the system of daily balancing and by elaborating on annual gas balance planning. All the market participants are interested in implementing such changes.

Will the commodity exchange be attractive for large gas consumers who usually sign contracts for several years? Or is spot trading just a chance for small companies to buy from the large supplier additional volumes during consumption peaks at affordable price? Will SPIMEX achieve the planned trading volumes, and when? How will the Russian electronic trading platform be developing in 2016? Will the commodity exchange price on gas become the indicator that could replace government-regulated wholesale prices? These are the key topics of the forthcoming Conference which is held with the participation of the largest gas producers, industrial consumers and industry experts.

We consolidate all the interested market participants and will be delighted to welcome you among the delegates of the International «Russian Gas Market. Commodity Exchange and Trade» Conference. By taking part in the Conference, you will access complete and relevant information about the current situation in the market, meet the key players and establish business contacts.

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