Caustic Soda 2017

April 28, 2017

Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow

Dear Sirs!

CREON Energy has the pleasure of inviting you to the «Caustic Soda 2017» Round Table Discussion

Date: April 28, 10:00-14:00
Venue: Baltschug Kempinski Hotel, Moscow

The round table will be held in the open discussion format: the business community will get together to analyze the current situation in the chlorine and caustic soda industry, to discuss development outlook, and to find answers to the challenges the industry is facing.

Topics offered for discussion at «Caustic Soda 2017» Round Table:

Overview of caustic soda and chlorine market by CREON.
• Market oversupply: how to maintain the demand/supply balance? 
• Sales policy: how will the consumption structure change, as the limitations have been imposed by Ukraine, and Karpatneftekhim is launched? Where do new export opportunities lie for Russian producers? 
• Feedstock price situation in Russian and international markets 
• Consumption: how well are the needs of consumers satisfied in terms of price and reliability of supplies? 
• Safety of chlorine and caustic soda transportations
• Investments: modernization of existing capacities
• BAT implementation: how will a tougher environmental legislation influence the industry development? 

Producers and consumers of caustic soda, representatives of logistics, trading and engineering companies, research institutions and other stakeholders will participate in the Round Table.

To request more information about the event please contact us by phone +7 (495) 276-77-88, +7 (495) 797-49-07 or e-mail:

Event Director: Maria Kryukova, email

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