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Plastics of Russia Forum 2017

November 22, 2017

Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow

Application _Forum_2017 rusDear Sirs!

On behalf of INVENTRA, part of CREON Group, we would like to thank you for your interest and support in organizing the Tenth International «Plastics of Russia Forum 2017».

Date: November 22, 2017
Venue: Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow

«Plastics of Russia Forum 2017» is the main communication platform where the leading representatives of business community and government bodies discuss the key issues of the plastics industry development.

The Russian plastics industry has almost adapted to the economic reality, and has learned to play by the new rules. Nevertheless, the industry is facing a number of serious challenges. The lower demand for plastic products inside the country forces Russian companies to search for the new markets. There are cases of successful exports of made-in-Russia goods through government export subsidies. Is such a pattern applicable to plastics products?

Expanding the local plastics market is another challenge. The future of the industry obviously depends on the growth of the converting segment, and on the widest application of plastic products. To achieve this, a system of stimulating mechanisms needs to be introduced, and for a start, a constructive dialog between the government and the business should be established.

The problem of obsolete equipment and technologies in the market has been discussed for a long time. Capital investment with the companies’ own finance is often quite difficult as the earnings have dropped. The enterprises are actively seeking for new financing mechanisms, new tools to support technological development, and it is important that the government bodies respond in the first place.

The discussions at the Forum are held with participation of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Ministry of Energy of Russia, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the Industrial Development Fund, EXIAR (Agency for Export Credit and Investment Insurance), international and local financial corporations and banks, independent industry experts and many others. 

We will traditionally pay special attention to the following topics: 

• Attracting investment and possibilities of subsidized financing
• Constructive dialog with representatives of government bodies on existing and planned support measures
• Priority areas of plastics converting and anti-crisis solutions 
• System of measures aimed at supporting Russian plastics industry

INVENTRA invites all owners of the enterprises, top managers of corporations who are concerned with the fate of the plastics industry to discuss the situation in the market, to find the best anti-crisis solutions and to determine the course for achieving maximum production efficiency. 

To request more information about the event please contact us by phone +7 (495) 276-77-88, +7 (495) 797-49-07 or e-mail:

Forum Director: Alena Efremova, email

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