Bitumen, Products and Binders 2017

November 28, 2017

Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow

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CREON Energy has the pleasure of inviting you to the Sixth International «Bitumen, Products and Binders 2017» Conference, which is held at Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow on November 28, 2017.

Bitumen consumption in Russia is continuously growing, first of all due to the implementation of the Federal program titled “Modernization of Russia’s Transport System”. Its main goals include increase of intermaintenance period for road pavement to 12 years and strengthening endurance. With this respect, the quality of bitumen becomes very important. Last year, a new standard (GOST № 33133-2014) was adopted, and certain oil refineries have already modernized their production. However, this required costs and affected the final price for the product as well. As a result, asphalt concrete mixing plants and road builders were not ready to pay more.

In theory, asphalt plants, when accepting the bitumen, must request a ‘passport’ that includes 19 positions. However, oil refineries are focused only on GOST standards in their production. Therefore, asphalt concrete mixing plants are forced to reconcile and accept the product in accordance with GOST.

The market players expect that there will be more legislative changes in the industry in addition to last year's introduction of the new GOST. In the nearest future, Preliminary National Standards and Superpave will become compulsive, and taking this into consideration, the oil refineries will be producing more than 70 product grades instead of 5. However, at the moment the plants are technically not ready for this.

The quality of the bitumen is also affected by the way of transportation. Often, consumers are located far from the refinery, and the product has to be transported by road tankers for a considerable distance. The experience shows that the quality of bitumen deteriorates significantly. The solution might be the transition from motor transport to railway transportation and construction of bitumen storage facilities near railway stations.

Currently Russian bituminous materials are not exported, and the main reason is uncertainty with export duties. However, the industry experts believe that the start of export supplies would provide the opportunity to switch to year-round loading of bitumen production capacities, to recover the rail transportation, and most importantly, to establish market pricing for bitumen.

The following topics will be discussed at «Bitumen, Products and Binders 2017» Conference:

  • Overview of current situation in the Russian and foreign markets of bitumen and binders
  • Reconstruction of existing production facilities and commissioning of the new ones
  • Development of bitumen quality control laboratories
  • Bitumen export: a prospect or a dream?
  • Pricing policy of Russian and foreign feedstock producers
  • Development of transportation system
  • Government’s influence on the bitumen and binders market
  • Export prospects for bitumen from Russia

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