PU & TPU 2018

February 26, 2018

Hall «Yaroslavl»
Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow

Dear Sirs!

INVENTRA has the pleasure of inviting you to the Eleventh International «PU & TPU 2018» Conference.

Date: February 26, 2018

Venue: Hotel Baltschug Kempinski, Moscow

In 2017, the departing year gave the Russian PU market a feeling that the local feedstock supply which many had dreamed of, can turn real. The ambition is supported by project announcements made by major petrochemical companies and by the government backing.

However, there are details throwing cold water at those too optimistic. Implementation of such a global project is expensive. Investment may prove to be above capabilities of a single company, which means additional resources need to be sought for. The local demand is not big enough for the project to pay back, and therefore its feasibility remains doubtful. Locally available technologies are obsolete, so the potential producer has to find the licensor, which is complicated, as the licenses are owned by foreign companies.

The traditional structure of the Russian market undergoes changes. The shutdown of the «system house» production in Noginsk will undoubtedly affect the market, but what will the implications be? Which direction will the market take now? These are the main topics of the Conference.

Imperfect technical regulation with respect to energy efficiency and fire safety remains the negative factor for a steady consumption growth in the leading segments. What has changed and what to expect?

The following topics will be discussed at the Conference:

· What is the current market situation and development outlook in the European and Russian PU markets?

· Consumption in the leading segments: what is the structure, and what is the forecast?

· Trends in PU markets by segment: household appliances, pipe insulation, paints & coatings, and agriculture.

· How the TPU market develops in Russia, and which consumption segments will be growing most actively?

Participants of previous «PU & TPU» conferences include BASF, Biesterfeld, Blockform, Cannon, Covestro, Dow Izolan, Elastokam, FoamLine, Global Therm, Homa Group, Huntsman, Integrated Pipe Insulation Plant (MosFlowline Group of Companies), ISOPAN RUS, Isospan, Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant, Khimprom, Kronos-Spb, Labyrinth Research & Markets, LANXESS, Macromer NPP, Mitsubishi Corporation, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, PirroGroup, Plastic (Syzran), ProfHolod , Promsintez, Resinex Rus, RT-Epaflex, Sibur, Stepan Polska, TechnoNicol, TEKPOL TEKNIK, Vikord, Wanhua-Borsodchem Group, Wuertz and others.

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Conference Director: Maria Kryukova, email

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