Rare Gases 2018

June 01, 2018

Hall «Yaroslavl»
Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow

Dear Sirs!

CREON Energy has the pleasure of inviting you to the International «Rare Gases 2018» Conference.

Date: June 1, 2018

Venue: Hotel Baltschug Kempinski, Moscow

Global consumption of rare gases is steadily growing: they are increasingly applied in high-tech industries such as instrument engineering, healthcare, space etc. However, as it usually happens, Russia is following its own path of development. In short, it can be described as «complicated, ambiguous, semi-legal».

Production of krypton, xenon and other inert gases is a multi-stage process: the feedstock material is a by-product of large-capacity cryogenic ASUs; pure products are obtained at rare gas separation units. Metallurgical enterprises that operate cryogenic ASU understand the value of the feedstock they produce; they willingly pay attention to it and then successfully sell the gases.

With rare gas separation units, everything is much more complicated: at present, there are less than 10 units for production of pure neon globally, and no more than 20 units for production of pure krypton and xenon. Of these 20, two were produced by Cryogenmash, a Russian company. These units are operated in China and have already received a lot of positive feedback, in part due to the highest purity of the product.

In general, the situation looks good: there are equipment producers, metallurgical companies interested in production, rare gases consumers, and trading companies in Russia. Consumers are not in abundance because the high technologies locally are scarce, too. But in fact, the rare gases market is an unwinnable fortress: the stakeholders know each other well, and understand the rules of the game, while the strangers are not welcome into this «private club». Production volumes, main consumers, traders, export destinations: all this can be assessed through rumors and assumptions rather than official information.

The Conference to be held on June 1 is the first event in Russia aimed at studying this complex topic. In particular, the participants will be presented with an exclusive analytical overview on the Russian market of rare gases. Together with key industry participants, producers and experts, we invite you to discuss the current market situation and the development prospects.

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Contact person: Irina Petrova, Director of Gas Processing Department, email

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